[АНОНС]Kell Hounds Ascendant: Three Short Novels by Michael

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[АНОНС]Kell Hounds Ascendant: Three Short Novels by Michael

Сообщение DeJaVu » 24 июл 2015, 17:51

While there are hundreds of mercenary units throughout the Inner Sphere, only a handful have risen to galaxy-wide fame. The Gray Death Legion. Wolf’s Dragoons. The Northwind Highlanders. And the Kell Hounds.

Founded by brothers Morgan and Patrick Kell, the Hounds’ beginning was fraught with tension, intrigue, and danger, which they’ve found ever since. And now Michael A. Stackpole takes us back to the beginning of one of Battletech’s most storied mercenary units in three short novels that tell of the Hounds’ first days, including:

“Not the Way the Smart Money Bets”: Morgan and Patrick arrive on the mercenary staging world of Galatea to start building their unit. But getting caught between a local general and a criminal organizing gladiatorial games on-planet puts the brothers in a perilous situation, and Patrick is forced to face the local ’Mech hero in single combat—to the death.

“A Tiny Spot of Rebellion”: Fresh off their victory over local criminals, the brothers Kell are faced with a growing religious rebellion led by a local bishop with a lofty goal of ruling the entire planet, and using the populace to achieve his aims. They’re assigned to put down the uprising, but can they find a way to do that without having to battle the civilians pressed into service as holy soldiers?

“A Clever Bit of Fiction”: When Morgan is tasked with scouting locations for war games on the lush world of Zavijava, he figures he’ll mix business with pleasure. But when Prince Ian Davion tags along, the stakes are suddenly raised. And when unknown Dropships land a regiments of ’Mechs intent on looting the planet’s riches, Morgan must keep Ian alive long enough for them to be rescued. But Prince Davion has other plans—involving kicking the raiders straight off the planet…
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Re: [АНОНС]Kell Hounds Ascendant: Three Short Novels by Mich

Сообщение acefalcon » 24 июл 2015, 18:38

НЕТ!!! :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:
Они бы еще Торстона воскресили
Jack, you have debauched my sloth!

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Re: [АНОНС]Kell Hounds Ascendant: Three Short Novels by Mich

Сообщение Маленький Скорпион » 24 июл 2015, 19:18

acefalcon, Торстон хоть мог написать трэш и слэш
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з.ы. Your logic sucks, bro.
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