[АНОНС]Case White, by Victor Milan (Novel)

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[АНОНС]Case White, by Victor Milan (Novel)

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In the early days of 3068, very little certainty exists in the Inner Sphere, and what little there is often comes in dread tidings. The Star League is dead—the great hope for peace after the Federated Commonwealth Civil War has failed. The cooperation among Houses that stopped the Clan Invasion is no more. And while that news alone would be enough to darken the new year, conflict has already broken out on a scale unseen for decades. Legends are falling. Worlds are being torn apart. And the whole of the Inner Sphere is poised on the edge of a conflict that may sunder it completely.

Sixteen years ago. the Com Guard stood against the might of the combined Clans on a quiet little world called Tukayyid. Today, their mighty armada returns to the cradle of mankind to reclaim their ancestral home from the Word of Blake, which captured it a decade earlier. Today, they will enact Case White: an overwhelming assault to free Terra itself. For the Com Guard, sixteen years of tolerating the Word of Blake’s zealotry has finally come to an end. With the Star League disbanded, it falls again to the Com Guard to bring peace to the Inner Sphere.

Secure in their powerful fleet, the Com Guard believes the battle will be brutal and swift, and that victory will be theirs. But the Word of Blake has prepared for years against such an invasion, and little do the Guards know that they are heading straight into a deadly trap…
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