[АНОНС]Shadows of Faith, by Loren L. Coleman (Novel)

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Модераторы: Siberian-troll, Hobbit

[АНОНС]Shadows of Faith, by Loren L. Coleman (Novel)

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Despite internal power struggles, the techno-disciples of the Word of Blake continue their relentless march to bring the worlds surrounding Terra under their control. Each planet that falls under their influence brings them one step closer to full dominion over the birthplace of the Inner Sphere.

Meanwhile, during the uneasy peace after the Second Civil War, Victor Davion and his allies struggle to bring another Star League conference together to confirm the next League. But with two Great Houses rebuilding after the fight, and a third nowhere to be found, his fears that the summit may fall apart seem to be coming true. This also dismays the Word of Blake representatives, who attempt to force the remaining leaders back to the table—and allow them to keep working in secret—by any means necessary.

And on Outreach, Wolf’s Dragoons, reeling from the loss of their founder, launch a blood-soaked mission of vengeance against the Blakists. But as they scream toward Mars to deliver retribution against those responsible for their leader’s death, the secretive and enigmatic “Master” of the Word of Blake executes the next phase of his own plan to bring the Inner Sphere under his control—culminating in a devastating strike at its very heart…
Даешь перевыполнить план по выпуску вехикулярных огнеметов в отчетном 3145 году!
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