Word of Blake Terran Guard seen exercising near ruins of Rig

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Word of Blake Terran Guard seen exercising near ruins of Rig

Сообщение DeJaVu » 07 сен 2007, 23:07

12 January 3070

[Radio Free Terra] The rumors are true, sports fans. The reports we've been hearing about the Fifty-First operation in Europe are true. Now that the thermal effects of the nukes are gone, the Blakists have taken to exercising in the still-hot radiation zones as a way of giving their troops live-fire experience in decontamination and radiation effects.

And that's not all.

I haven't seen the pictures yet, but we've got people telling us that one of the methods the toasters are using to field-test there anti-radiation meds is to march prisoners into the hot zones and leave them to find their own way out. The few who manage to escape the radiation are picked up by infantry cordons from the Fifty-First, augmented by VTOL hunter teams, and used to train medics at Sandhurst.

We've been lucky, you know… we haven't had a single nuke since St. Louis two years ago, but the Shadows are still here. Their damn emblem is joke, all nice an angelic with the pretty blue wings and a halo… but if these bastards are angels of anything they're angels of death. Using prisoners to test radiation zones, and then letting then die so half-trained zombies can learn to keep these killers alive longer.

I don't know if any of you Resistance folks are active in Latvia or not, but something needs to be done. This can't continue. We can't let it. The souls of the dead in Riga, in Houston, in St. Louis, hell, all over the Inner Sphere, cry out for vengeance. They cry out for justice, and surely home is the best place to start. Terra is the birthworld of us all, and if there is rot here, then surely it must fall to us to cut that rot out, before we turn to the rest of the Sphere.



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