AFFS notes new arrivals in battle for New Avalon

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AFFS notes new arrivals in battle for New Avalon

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28 December 3072

PRIORITY: Fox's Den // Marshal Jackson Davion


General Davion:

Last night indeed saw the arrival of new troops to New Avalon. We believe the Word of Blake has escalated the conflict with arriving reinforcements. Please note, however, that these units are of unknown origin. While they all sport Blake markings (see attached vidshots), they do not match known WoBM colors or insignia. We can only assume this is an entirely new unit that has been dispatched to reinforce the enemy.

According to several corroborating reports, the units all sport a downward-pointing broadsword with flaming wings, over a inverted red triangle and the numerals "44". Each unit maintains a paint scheme that is a light gray fading to black, with orange highlights that seem to vary from unit to unit. Some sport flames, others bands, and some just have select panels highlighted.

Most disturbing, however, is the incredible coordination and—"flexibility" would best describe it, we think—of these units. Several move with a fluidity that we've never seen before, which bespeaks of either incredible skill or a new type of interface. Some observers indicated the new arrivals are dead-on target with weapons fire, though this remains unconfirmed by our department.

It is our recommendation that we show these new arrivals how New Avalon treats unwanted visitors; but we advise extreme caution until we can determine who they are…and what possible new technology they seem to be sporting.

For the Princess Regent,
[brevet] Major Yancey Paulepopkis



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