Твитчат разрабов Mechwarrior Tactics от 22 августа 2012

В данном форуме обсуждаем любые компьютерные игры вселенной.

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Твитчат разрабов Mechwarrior Tactics от 22 августа 2012

Сообщение Siberian-troll » 23 авг 2012, 12:22

http://mwtactics.com/forums/index.php?/ ... warrior%20#tactics%20#mwtchat


@snapdragion: Any idea when beta will start for the forum people?
@MWTactics: It's already started, we are continually opening more beta spots, too. So keep checking - James R

@MWTactics: By the way, you're chatting with @iclorox, @romanchukenator and @baxatron on the tweetchat today

@BigDamn_Heroes: Any idea how many 'Mechs will be in at launch yet?
@MWTactics: More than a dozen. We'll continually roll out more 'Mechs, too. at launch it's 1v1 but we're excited about potentially expanding match types. Grinder's are awesome.

@Gendou: What can you tell us about plans for eventual premium products outside of the STACs?
@MWTactics: Good question, but for now nothing. Plans in the works, top secret and all that jazz.

@TrocarRogue: Are you planning any single player options at all or will it always be multi?
@MWTactics: We're totoally thinking about single player. We have it. We're gonna expand it.
Additional: Just to clarify the single player: it's bot matches, no campaign. - James R

@octagontheory: Is this tweetchat is limited to very specific promotion-type questions? #mwtchat
@MWTactics: We're taking good, interesting questions! Some marketing stuff we can't answer but let 'em rip.

@BigDamn_Heroes: any word on how/when the timeline will advance?
@MWTactics: Timeline advancement will be event-driven not time-driven. Not day to day.

?: How often will rankings be updated?
@MWTactics: We're not launching with a ranking system. We have this on the back-burner, though. - James R

@Gendou: Do you think achievements or trophies are a possibility? Or do you not want to go down that road?
@MWTactics: Most definately a possibility. We want these pretty bad.

@adultswimbaked: What options will we have when a lance is locked in a game and your opponent hasn't taken his turn in a long time?
@MWTactics: You have options to set the turn timer for shorter matches! Opponents can time out, too. #mwtchat

@Scynix: Will IS / Clan mechs be balanced against each other by volume of units (lore) or purely statistical?
@MWTactics: Stat-balanced more than lore.

@woody60707: How or will custom match that we can set up be worked in the game?
@MWTactics: You can set up a custom match with friends

@Direphoenix: How finalized are the models for the 'Mechs and weapon modules? Set in stone, or still loosey-goosey?
@MWTactics: Nothing's ever final in an online game! But... we're super happy with how things are looking. #mwtchat

@dog_s0litude: Any chance we'll be able to make our own custom skins, or will those only be purchasable items?
@MWTactics: No user created content but you'll have options to mix'n match.

@HerrVilhelmsson: How will the matchmaking work. Some kind of rating or will it just be random?
@MWTactics: Ranked matches will use a ranking system. You'll set random custom preferenaces if you want, for nonranked

@BigDamn_Heroes: re: timeline. How far do you plan on advancing? Just to clan era? Jihad? Dark ages?
@MWTactics: Depends how long we keep going. How long d'you want to keep supporting us?

?: Is one mech having multiple targets in one turn possible?
@MWTactics: Quite simply, yes :)

@BigDamn_Heroes: How awesome is it to be involved with revitalizing the BT/MW franchise?
@MWTactics: 80 tons and 3 PPCs worth of Awesome.

@MWTactics: Thanks for joining us in this awesome #tweetchat! On behalf of @iclorox, @romanchukenator, @baxatron and myself (KillCheggers) , have a great night!
- She could still recall even the minutest details of the encounter. The Sternsnacht and stimpik strapped to his thighs, his torn cooling vest and especially his Hello Kitty MechWarrior briefs
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Re: Твитчат разрабов Mechwarrior Tactics от 22 августа 2012

Сообщение Андрей » 23 авг 2012, 14:36

Однако несколько напрягает вот это:
(бабки заплатил, им показалось мало, и они через годик закрыли проект)
@BigDamn_Heroes: re: timeline. How far do you plan on advancing? Just to clan era? Jihad? Dark ages?
@MWTactics: Depends how long we keep going. How long d'you want to keep supporting us?

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Re: Твитчат разрабов Mechwarrior Tactics от 22 августа 2012

Сообщение Leonid » 24 авг 2012, 22:31

Ну... Не точно в курсе, но если будет Dedicated server и желающие написать ботов, то пусть закрываются, переживем.
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