Тем кто не смог скачать пак от Wolfman'а!

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Re: Тем кто не смог скачать пак от Wolfman'а!

Сообщение Terlog » 14 май 2017, 00:53

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Re: Тем кто не смог скачать пак от Wolfman'а!

Сообщение Terlog » 19 май 2017, 23:02

Скачать со страницы wolfman-MC2X-URE-G is a “ Campaign-Gaming-Only” version of wolfman-MC2X(R37) featuring the 22 mission campaign “UpRise” (R01). :bowl: :bowl: :bowl:
Кампания вышла : вторая ссылка

wolfman-MC2X-URE-G is for non-commercial enterprise only!

This is for fun and keeping a great game of tactical command alive.

Every use is under your sole responsibility and at your own risk.

Read Microsoft's Shared Source Limited Permissive License for use of MechCommander® 2 carefully.

If you do not agree, don't use wolfman-MC2X-URE-G in any ways.

wolfman-MC2X-URE-G is an extended MC2 gaming and mission design environment.

Several additional tools and viewer are provided to allow easy mission design.

This package contain one campaign and five example missions for your testing pleasure.

wolfman-MC2X-URE-G is a " Campaign-Gaming-Only" version and includes:

- the extended and freshly compiled MechCommander 2 system files based on the source code released by Microsoft and covered under the shared license agreement

- the re-distributable of important library files

- wolfman's extended MC2X Gaming Core (content and feature revision 37)

- wolfman's extended MC2X Viewer (Encyclopedia) (content and feature revision 37)

- the maps "Metropolitan" , "RedRock Outpost", "Paradise Defense", "City Assault", "Stormbreaker"s Mudhole"

and "Operation Delta" - the 22 mission campaign "UpRise"

Thank you and credits to (in alphabetic order):

Aetrion, Battlemaster, Karl, Magic, Marceror, Paul, Rollin, Starman01, Raven IIC, VossieWulf

The features and the inventory available in MC2X are to some extent the collection of the work of the people mentioned above. They deserve the credit for their outstanding work and my greatest thanks for being able to feature their results in MC2X.

After almost 15 years of collecting inventory and features and improving I stopped to continue an anyhow incomplete list of who deserves credit for which features or object.

Magic has by far provided the most inventory and MC2-insights over several years.


wolfman-MC2X-URE-G is neither a total conversion nor a revolutionary approach to change MC2; it is intended to be an evolutionary improvement over time. This is a stand-alone installation; do not mix with any other MC2 installations or expansion packs.

wolfman-MC2X is based on the released MC2 source code; the source code release did not contain multiplayer gaming functionality nor embedded video capability.

wolfman-MC2X-URE-G does not contain the CARVER V campaign and is not fully compatible to missions or campaigns designed under and for wolfman-x !

wolfman-MC2X-URE-G is not compatible to any other MC2 mod or campaigns/missions designed under other development environments. Never mix with files from other authors.

Installation of "Campaign Gaming-Only" Version:

- MC2X-URE-G requires:

- win XP SP3 or better (Win Vista, Win7 Ultimate (32bit and 64 bit), win 8.1Pro (64bit) work just fine)

- DirectX 9 or better

- Visual C++ Redistributable Package (x86) (Visual Studio 2005)


* The Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package (x86) installs runtime components of

Visual C++ Libraries required to run applications developed with Visual C++

on a computer that does not have Visual C++ installed.

These runtime files are part of the wolfman-MC2X installer package and will be offered

for selection towards the end of the installation; select to install if you have not done before.

* Install MC2X-URE-G into a clean directory!

* system will select best possible resolution automatically and go full-screen-mode.

* Implemented Resolutions:

1280by720, 1280by800, 1280by1024, 1366by768, 1440by900, 1600by900,

1600by1200, 1680by1050, 1856by1392, 1920by1080, 1920by1200, 2048by1536

All selection that fit on your screen can be selected manually as well and used in window-mode

Uninstall Impact:

- Use the MC2X-URE-G Uninstaller

- The uninstaller deletes all files that came with the installation.

- Any mission data files that came from independent installations or any savegame files are not impacted.


Visit wolfman's forum for support at:


Please let me know, if you feel that I did not give the deserved credit to somebody.

Let me know if you find something that should not be included in the MC2X-URE-G package.

I will review and make or eliminate objects from the package.

Have fun and success


Скачать Обновление основного мода до ревизии R37 :thumbup:
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